BMW 2019 i8 Evaluation: Driving the other day’s cars and truck of tomorrow, today



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The BMW i8 is a charming vehicle to drive even though it’s doing not have. It hugs the road and commands attention. It’s thrilling in a method that few cars and trucks can attain without speed. Sure, it’s fast, but it won’t set performance history or quarter-mile times. It simply feels fantastic to drive.

By the numbers, there’s little reason to buy a $164,000 BMW i8 Roadster. Want speed? Purchase a Porsche 911 Turbo for $161 K or Corvette ZR1 for $123 K or Nissan GT-R for $112 K. Supercar visual appeals? Get an Acura NSX for $157 K. Want all-electric? Get a Tesla Model S. All are faster and more affordable than the BMW i8.

The BMW i8 is simply a stepping stone in BMW’s history. An oddball. It’s a limited-edition automobile to try out new innovation. From what I can tell, BMW never ever placed the i8 as a leading seller or market leader. It was an engineer’s play area. I like it.


BMW released the first i8 in 2014 when the automotive scene looked various. Tesla was still a new start-up with only the Model S in its lineup. GM was dealing with the second-generation Chevy Volt. Hybrid powertrains seemed to be the answer, and BMW followed suit with the dual-power in the i8.

In 2015 I took the just-launched i8 from Vegas to LA in a legendary, one-day adventure that took me through the Mojave Desert and Joshua Tree National Park. It was a fantastic method to appreciate the i8, and now that the design is on its escape, I desired another go in the car.

This time, I had an i8 tester for a week. I took my kids to school in it, I got groceries with it and, in between rain storms, I lived my best life with the top down on in this $164,000 droptop.

It’s a lovely car and garners attention like nothing else in its cost variety. I noted this a number of years back when driving the i8 down the Vegas strip. The i8 is sensational and always draws a crowd. For my loan, there isn’t an automobile that gets more attention.

The sheet metal flows as if a master glassmaker made it. It’s gorgeous. The front end is aggressive and direct. The sides flow with accuracy to a back-end with a few of the most special tail lights offered. The exhaust– remember, this is a hybrid– exits behind the back window through a metal grate.

Do not let its go-fast exterior oversell the abilities though. The i8 is not as fast as it looks.

The i8 isn’t a quarter-mile racer. This is a hybrid cars with the heart of a grand tourer. This isn’t a car you want to require to a drag strip, however it might be enjoyable at a track day. It’s a carver. Its low center of gravity lets it accept the road. It’s smooth through flowing corners.

Behind the wheel, the i8 is easy to enjoy. The hybrid powertrain is smooth and without drama. Hit the gas and go. Click the transmission to sport mode and it fasts, but not quickly. Which’s okay with me.

BMW got the inside of the i8 right. For a two-seat unique, the i8 is comfortable and practical as long as the driver does not require to transport golf clubs. The scissor doors open with little effort and deal enough room to get in and exit the vehicle. The seats are helpful and comfy. This 2019 variation is equipped with BMW’s newest infotainment system, which is among the very best provided in the industry. There is really little storage available in the Roadster version that ditches the rear seats for the droptop storage. The trunk can hold four six-packs and absolutely nothing else.

When I drove the i8 in 2015, I stated that this was a car someone should buy only after they have their Porsche911 That’s still true. While the i8 is simple to enjoy, there are other lorries available that deal more delights and performance.

The i8 is simple. Chauffeurs shouldn’t hesitate to push the powertrain. It will not bite, however it will offer a lot of enjoyment in sport mode. The i8 does not require the ability of other vehicles in its price range. If a Porsche 911 Turbo or Corvette ZR-1 is too much cars and truck, look at the i8. Or the Audi R8— another sports vehicle I found simple to employer around.

After a week of living with the i8, its efficiency was secondary to the experience. I’m persuaded that the i8 does not require raw speed to be enjoyable.

In 2014 BMW declared the i8 to be the car of tomorrow, offered today. And in some regards it was. The i8 was one of the very first mass-production vehicles to combine an electrical powertrain to a gas engine in the name of performance. Ever since, nearly every unique automaker is doing the same in different formats.

The i8 still feels like it’s a different type of lorry than anything else offered. It feels green. It feels healthy. But in the end, the i8 still counts on a filthy internal combustion engine while there are much faster, better-equipped lorries offered that operate on simply electrical motors.

Report is BMW is not making a direct successor to the i8, however the car manufacturer will likely make an all-electric cars. Eventually. And that would change whatever. With just electric motors, a BMW coupe could offer severe speed while being more friendly to the environment. A pure electric i8 could be a video game changer and a genuine speed satanic force.

The 2019 i8 is a charming vehicle and might bring severe pleasure to the ideal individual with its easy powertrain and stunning appearances.

Video Review of BMW i8 (filmed in 2015)

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