Covid: Sam Querrey going to London ‘doesn’t sound great’ – Dan Evans


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Sam Querrey
Sam Querrey is a former world top-20 player and reached the Wimbledon semi-finals in 2017 by beating Andy Murray

American player Sam Querrey leaving Russia for London after contracting coronavirus “did not sound great from the outside”, says Britain’s Dan Evans.

Querrey was given a suspended £14,700 fine by the men’s governing body, the ATP, for breaching Covid-19 protocols.

The former world number 11 said he did not “feel comfortable” staying in Russia with his wife and baby son.

“Sam’s situation was his situation. I heard there were lots of other things involved,” said Evans.

Querrey, 33, and his family left Russia in a private jet after all three tested positive for the virus before the start of the St Petersburg in October.

The family were allowed to enter the United Kingdom and quarantined in an Airbnb property in the British capital.

“From the outside it doesn’t sound great,” added 30-year-old Evans.

“I’m not a father or parent so I’m not in a great position to comment.”

In an interview with Sports Illustrated magazine,external-link Querrey said he felt it was “right” to make the decision.

The 2017 Wimbledon semi-finalist said he was prepared to quarantine in the tournament hotel for two weeks, but says things changed two days later when he claims he was told they were “no longer welcome” in the hotel.

Querrey says he was told Russian doctors would then determine if the family had to quarantine in a hospital instead. He added he was not able “to get answers” to his questions about where the family would be going and if they would be split up or not.

“I had my wife there, and I had my baby there, and as a human decision, I was like, ‘Hey, I don’t feel comfortable with this’,” Querrey, ranked 56th in the world, said.

“So we made the decision to charter a plane and leave.”

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