Type recently introduced its $200 augmented reality goggles that let athletic swimmers track their lap-swimming information. Today the company is announcing it has teamed up with Polar to determine a swimmer’s heart rate in real time.

The Type Swim Safety glasses will include the Polar heart rate technology as an attachment starting in November, allowing a new level of training effectiveness and accuracy for swimmers.

The Form Swim Goggles are a pair of safety glasses with a see-through augmented-reality screen that delivers efficiency metrics in genuine time. The Polar OH1 and OH1 are optical heart rate displays that combine versatility, comfort, and simpleness. In November 2019, the Type Swim Goggles will support the Polar OH1 and OH1 through a free software upgrade from Kind.

Above: Type can inform you in genuine time how quick your heart is beating in a swim.

Image Credit: Kind

I’ve attempted them out. I synced the goggles with an app on my iPhone and then pressed a button on the safety glasses to start a swim. Yellow pixels appeared on the screen suggesting how far I had swum in yards. It also showed an estimate of calories burned. The numbers appeared on the screen in real time as I moved through the water.

If I were a competitive swimmer (ha ha), I would know if I were on pace to beat my personal record. Type works best in swimming pool, rather than swimming freely in the ocean.

By using the Kind Swim Safety glasses in combination with either the Polar OH1 or OH1 , swimmers will be able to see their heart rate in their view throughout their swim, enabling them to exactly measure their effort in the minute– something that was previously difficult in the sport of swimming.

Above: Form’s swim goggles are quite light.

Image Credit: Form

Finished swims will sync to the Form Swim App for iPhone and Android, which will compare heart rate data to metrics like split times, stroke rate, stroke count, speed per 100, and calories in a single, easy-to-navigate view. Equipped with these tools, swimmers and coaches will gain higher insight into each swim, and they’ll have the ability to create future swim exercises with accuracy.

” Kind has worked closely with Polar considering that 2018 to allow this functionality,” said Form founder and CEO Dan Eisenhardt in a statement. “We have actually done comprehensive testing in the swimming pool with swimmers of all levels, consisting of elite competitive swimmers, and we could not be more happy with the results. Polar heart rate screen tech is trusted by athletes worldwide; by including it to the arsenal of metrics that our safety glasses currently deliver, we’ll empower major swimmers to make their training even smarter and more purposeful. We’ll also further empower coaches and boost the coach-swimmer dynamic.”

The Polar OH1/OH1 connects to the TYPE Swim Safety glasses strap, where it will sit comfortably versus the swimmer’s temple, keeping track of heart rate using its six-LED optical sensing unit and exclusive heart rate algorithm.

Above: You will be able to track your heart rate from your swim on the Type app.

Image Credit: Kind

” Polar deals with companies [that], like us, are leaders in their respective fields,” said Polar U.S.A. president Tom Fowler in a declaration. “Kind has actually constructed a genuinely transformative item, and we’re proud to have dealt with them over the past year to bring Polar heart rate to the Type Swim Goggles. Polar continues to be the gold requirement in heart rate technology, with consistent improvements in our software and hardware items continually raising the industry standards for accuracy and reliability. Today’s announcement takes our management to an interesting brand-new frontier.”

The Kind Swim Goggles are offered now from Type. The Polar OH1 and OH1 are available now from Polar and its licensed suppliers and sellers.

Eisenhardt founded Kind in Vancouver, Canada in 2016 after offering his previous business, Recon Instruments, to Intel in2015 Finland-based Polar offers its products at 35,000 retailers in more than 80 nations.