Glasgow Warriors v Edinburgh postponed 30 minutes before kick-off


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A tractor on the Scotstoun Stadium pitch
Ground staff had been working on the Scotstoun Stadium pitch right up until the call-off

Friday’s Pro14 game between Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh was postponed 30 minutes before kick-off.

It was the second leg of the 1872 Cup between the derby rivals after Edinburgh won 10-7 at home last week.

Glasgow had expected the game to go ahead on their artificial surface and the home side underwent a training session after their opponents left.

Edinburgh coach Richard Cockerill told BBC Scotland “the pitch wasn’t fit to scrummage on”.

“We made a decision, I made a decision,” he said. “It is frozen underneath the plastic grass. As far as I’m aware, everybody is in agreement.

“We want to play, for obvious reasons, so it’s disappointing all-round. It doesn’t look great, does it?”

The decision came after Edinburgh had attempted to scrummage in their warm-up before Glasgow had a chance to do their set-piece preparation – but Cockerill’s home counterpart Danny Wilson was in agreement.

“Our scrum part of our warm-up is a little bit later and I guess we would have probably got there and come to the same conclusion,” Wilson said.

“It’s fine to run on and have some contact on it. However, scrums seem to be the problem.

“The studs aren’t staying in the floor at scrum time. As the night goes on, it is only going to get colder so this is not going to get any better.”

Wilson explained why his players did some running on the Scotstoun pitch following the postponement.

“The boys were out there trying to run off a bit of caffeine,” he said.

Injured Glasgow forward Fraser Brown told BBC Scotland he was “pretty surprised” at the decision.

“The Glasgow guys had a full training session here on Wednesday,” he told BBC Radio Scotland. “It was pretty hard but still safe to train on. We had guys doing rehab here today and it wasn’t anywhere near as hard.

“Perhaps Glasgow players are just more used to it because we play on the 3G pitch every single weekend. They have been putting salt on it for about three days to stop it freezing.”

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