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The way people consume content has changed. Whether it is binge-watching a whole season of a particular show or a live event, there are more options than ever. For restaurants and bars showing sporting events, it means getting more creative to put people in their seats.

A new service just launched by KonekTV is going to help by increasing the engagement level in these establishments and providing a more competitive environment.

KonekTV is the first commercial-only streaming sports platform. With the new service, it is leveraging its technology to bring more information on the screens of local venues. This the company says is going to create a sports book-like atmosphere for different events.

The service will not only make sporting events more fun, but it will also provide fantasy sports fans a new way to compete. Through its patent-pending technology, KonekTV will add a new way to engage with sporting events.

In an emailed press release, Seth Schorr, founder of KonekTV, and owner and operator of Fifth Street Gaming of Las Vegas, NV., says, “KonekTV becomes an enhanced second-screen experience for customers at their favorite sports venue, particularly for those following a sporting event with a vested interest.”

Fans are now able to follow their favorite team or all sports in general from anywhere on their mobile device. For bars and restaurants, it is a great opportunity for getting more customers to walk in their front door and stay longer. Having alternative platforms for making the content available is the way to do it.

Alternative Content Delivery Method

The KonekTV platform has Pay-Per-view streaming content which includes the UFC and other major sporting events. In addition to the events, the platform will connect fans with detailed information. With KonekTV Sports Book fans can get real-time stats, advanced analytics and live odds.

Whether they choose to bet or just have fun, they will be well informed in making that decision.

KonekTV is also adding Esports to its lineup. The recent Fortnite championship in New York drew 2.3 million live viewers on YouTube alone. And the solo winner, Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, picked up $3 million for his efforts.

The Esports market is massive, currently standing at more than 400 million fans globally. According to KonekTV, there are more Esports fans worldwide than fans of the NFL. And with Esports playing 24/7/365 with thousands of streams, fans can watch anytime.

With more Esports leagues popping up around the world, the sport has huge growth potential

More Control with KonekTV

With the KonekTV app, you can control the content for all the TVs in your bar or restaurant in one or more locations.

You can choose live streams, sporting events, stats, analytics, betting lines and more. Your customers can further engage with the content on the TV using their mobile device.

For operators, it is yet another tool they can use to provide more choice for their customers.

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