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REVIEW— I use only earbuds when listening to my music and just those that are connected together by a wire so that I don’t lose them. Jabra just recently came out with their Elite Active 45 e wireless in-ear sport earphones. When checking them, I discovered that they were way too loose in my ears, tended to fall out when moving, and they began to actually injure my ears after simply one hour of using them. The open style is implied to secure the user, but I didn’t like the truth that individuals around me could hear my music. Additionally, the audio quality was good however did not have some of the deeper bass frequencies of my music since they didn’t seal in my ears. Despite these things, they keep connectivity to my Pixel 2 XL throughout most of my house because of Bluetooth 5.0, have an adjustable equalizer in the Jabra Noise app, bet 9.5 hours, charge in 1.75 hours, and have fundamental calling features plus a mute/unmute feature.

What is it?

The Jabra Elite Active 45 e are wireless (Bluetooth 5.0) in-ear sport headphones. They are IP67 ranked and hence are dust-proof and can be submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

What remains in package?

  • Jabra Elite Active 45 e wireless in-ear earphones
  • micro-USB cable
  • Flying Start Guide

Hardware specifications


  • Ambient and wind sound decrease for calls: Yes (2 microphone noise reduction innovation)
  • Customized Call EQ: 3 default equalizer settings
  • Speaker size: φ120 x 4.7
  • Speaker sensitivity: 107 dB ± 3dB
  • Speaker impedance: 16 ohm
  • Speaker max input power: 10 mW
  • Speaker frequency variety: 20 Hz-14 KHz
  • Speaker bandwidth: Music mode A2DP
  • Speaker bandwidth: Speak mode HFP
  • Microphone type: MEMS
  • Microphone level of sensitivity: -38 dBV (94 dB SPL @ 1 kHz)
  • Microphone frequency variety: 20 Hz-20 KHz
  • Microphone bandwidth: 100 Hz-8KHz (Wideband)
  • Headset bandwidth: 1M Hz

Fit & Comfort

  • Kind element: Wireless In-Ear
  • Safe fit: The versatile Earhook and the Earwing make certain the headset remains fit and secure on the head
  • Earhooks: Yes, adjustable for a perfect fit
  • Earwings: Yes
  • Eargels: Open design, keeps you mindful of the environments
  • Multi-function button: Power on/off (hold), play/pause music, answer/end call, Bluetooth set (hold)


  • Talk time: Up to 9 hours
  • Standby time: Auto-off after 15 min without connection, and 60 minutes without activity. >73 hrs
  • Charging time: committed USB wall charger (500 mA)
  • Full charge in 120 minutes
  • Quick charge: 15 minutes charging equals 1 hour of battery


  • Connectivity: Bluetooth (R)
  • Connection (mini jack, USB, etc): Micro USB (charging only)
  • Supported Bluetooth profiles: HSP/HFP/A2DP/ AVRCP/PBAP/GATT
  • Bluetooth compliance: Bluetooth ® 5.0
  • Bluetooth wireless innovation: Bluetooth ® 5.0
  • Operating range from the device: Approximately 10 m
  • Numerous gadget pairing: Up to 8, two devices can be connected simultaneously


  • What remains in the box: Earbuds, USB cable television, and flying start guide
  • Operating temperature level: 0 ° C– 45 ° C
  • .

  • Storage temperature: -20 ° C– 85 ° C
  • Features: IP67, 9 hours battery, Open acoustic style, Wind sound defense
  • Product packaging measurements (LxWxH mm): Case: 390 x 300 x 211, System: 124 x 55 x 187.4
  • Main unit measurement (LxWxH mm): 40 x 10.5 x 12
  • Gross weight (with cable): 29 g
  • Net weight (without cable television): 23.4 g
  • Materials used (outside): PC/ABS plastic. Silicon rubber. TPEE/TPE
  • Neckband material: TPE
  • Combining PIN, if relevant 0000
  • Charging plug measurements: micro-USB
  • Guarantee: IP67- ranked waterproof style, with a 2-year warranty against sweat and dust with registration through Sound app
  • Accreditations: Bluetooth ® 5.0, CE, FCC, IC, RoHS, REACH, TIA-810- B, TIA-920130- A

Style and features

The Jabra Elite Active 45 e cordless in-ear sport earphones that I got was available in navy blue. There are two other colors offered: Black and Mint.

The ear hooks and the wire connecting the earbuds together are covered in silicone. The control board and earphones are made from hard plastic.

Each earphone has a control board with one button on the face of it. The ideal earphone’s control panel (the earphone on the left in the photo above) includes the Multifunction button which allows you to carry out the following controls: power on/off, Bluetooth pairing, play/pause music, and answer/end a phone call. The left earphone’s control panel (the earphone on the right in the image above) has the Voice button that enables you to launch your voice assistant or mute/unmute a telephone call.

The suggestions of the earphones are covered in a thin layer of silicone and contain an earwing (or fin). There are no interchangeable silicone eartips for these headphones. The best earbud includes the volume up and volume down controls. There is likewise an LED which briefly flashes green when you turn the headphones on and red when you turn them off. It likewise really gradually flashes blue when the earphones remain in pairing mode. The left earbud includes the micro-USB port and an LED that shines red when the headphones are charging and green when they are fully charged.


Powering on/off

To turn the headphones on, I long pressed the Multifunction button on the face of the ideal earphone’s control board for about one second to power on the earphones, after which the LED flashed green and I heard the power-on tones. I then had to press the exact same button for about three seconds to power off the earphones, after which the LED flashed red and I heard the power-off tones.


When I initially switched on the headphones they were prepared for pairing. If you require to put them into combining mode, you need to start with them turned off. You’ll then need to hold the Multifunction button on the face of the ideal earphone’s control panel for about four seconds to put the earphones into pairing mode at which time they will very slowly flash blue. You’ll then go into your Bluetooth settings and discover and tap on the Jabra Elite Active 45 e from the list of devices found to combine them. For Android 9 phones, go to phone settings > Linked devices > Connection preferences > Bluetooth (toggle it on) > Pair brand-new device > tap on Jabra Elite Active 45 e to pair.


Vehicle shut-off

The headphones are expected to turn off after about 15 minutes when not linked to a gadget, but I could not identify when they turned off due to the fact that there was no indication when turned off happened. I knew that they had actually shut off because when I pushed the Multifunction button on the right control panel, the headphones switched on. In addition, the headphones are expected to shut off after one hour of lack of exercise. And again, I might not tell when that took place.

Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth 5.0 is amazing. All the Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds that I have actually reviewed keep connectivity approximately 57 feet when in line-of-sight of my Pixel 2 XL. And I had the ability to listen to my earbuds with 4 walls separating me from my connected device without drops or disturbances. In addition, there were no connection issues when using the Jabra Elite Active 45 e headphones.

Fit and Convenience

When it concerns earbuds, fit is whatever. In this case, the Jabra headphones did not fit me at all even after changing the ear hooks with and without my glasses on. They were way too loose to remain in my ears when moving, particularly when working out. I know that they were indicated to have an open style in order to guarantee user security when running outside, however I just exercise inside my home so for me this is unnecessary. The design actually advises me of Apple’s EarPods. However, my EarPods fit a lot better and were a lot more comfy than these.

On top of all that, they actually started harming my ears after just about an hour of using them. The ear hooks harm behind my ears and the earphones harm where they sit at the opening of my ear canal. These were horribly uneasy for me. However fit is various for each person and thus, these may work for a few of you.

Jabra Sound app

The Jabra Elite Active 45 e headphones have an app that deals with them– the Noise app. When the earphones are powered on, the Noise app spots them, after which I was able to customize them. I might switch on location settings so that the app would save the last recognized area of the headphones, I could choose which voice assistant to use, and I could adjust the equalizer settings for the earbuds.

” Minutes” bottom tab: The Noise app’s default house screen is the “Minutes” tab which is the very first tab situated at the bottom of the screen. The “Minutes” tab allows you to choose one of three tabs situated in the left sidebar of the app: the “My Moment” tab, the “Commute” tab, and the “Focus” tab.

The “My Moment” left sidebar tab: If you tap on the “My Minute” left sidebar tab, this screen shows your current equalizer settings. And if you want to customize your equalizer settings, you might do so by changing the dots above each frequency. Nevertheless, it is essential to keep in mind that you can not conserve this setting.

By tapping on the gear icon located in the upper right corner of the “My Minute” app screen, I might further individualize my earbud settings like …

… adjusting the “Music equalizer” settings, “Call experience” settings, and “Headset support” settings (very first screenshot above).

      • ” Music equalizer” setting: This is the same as the equalizer settings in the “My Minute” app screen (2nd screenshot above).
      • ” Call experience” settings: you can set whether you hear your own voice on a call or not. If you decide to toggle on this feature, you can change how loud your voice will be to you. You might also choose whether to hear more treble or bass frequencies of your caller’s voice (3rd screenshot above). These are pretty cool features.
      • ” Headset support” settings: permits you to turn on or off voice prompts in the headphones (last screenshot above).

” Commute” left sidebar tab: If you tap on the “Commute” icon in the left sidebar of the Sound app house screen, you can select your predetermined equalizer settings for your drive around town.

” Focus” left sidebar tab: And if you tap on the “Focus” icon (individual being in front of a laptop computer) in the left sidebar of the Noise app house screen and after that tap on the menu icon situated just listed below the gear icon, you can choose some “Soundscape” or background noise to help you to focus while you work. A few of the choices consist of Pink sound, Diving, Waterfall, Rainy day, Songbirds, Cavern, and Crowd. These are pretty cool features too.

” Discover” bottom tab: If you tap on the “Discover” tab located at the bottom of the app house screen, you can get access to the Quick Start Guide for the headphones, register the headphones, share your opinion about the headphones and app, and see a pictorial overview of what each of the headphone buttons does.

” About” bottom tab: The “About” tab situated at the bottom of the app’s home screen is a remarkably crucial tab. It enables you to do things like check for firmware updates, choose your voice assistant, alter the language of the voice prompt, link to the earphone’s Frequently Asked Question websites, find your headphones, register the earphones, and rate them.

Music and Voice Assistant controls

I evaluated the music controls of the Jabra Elite Active 45 e earphones. A one-second press of the Multifunction button located on the face of the right earphone’s control board allowed me to play/pause music or videos on Pandora, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Netflix, and YouTube. Nevertheless, I was unable to play or pause Amazon Prime Video material when utilizing the earphones which were connected to my Pixel 2 XL. I believe this is an issue with my phone due to the fact that I have actually had this extremely same issue with other in-ear earphones.

I had the ability to increase/decrease the volume levels with short presses of the Volume Up and Down buttons located at the bottom of the right earphone’s control panel. A two-second press of the Volume Up button skipped ahead a tune and a two-second press of the Volume Down button skipped back a song.

To introduce my voice assistant (when not on a call), I short continued the Voice button situated on the face of the left earphone’s control board. I had the ability to choose between my Google assistant or Alexa (it will work for Siri users too). I chose Google assistant. I had the ability to effectively utilize Google assistant to carry out the actions I wanted it to.

Playing time

The Jabra site mentions that the earphones will play for about 9 hours on one full charge. In my tests, I had the ability to play the earphones for 9.5 hours on one complete charge when they were set on a moderate volume level.


The Jabra Elite Active 45 e documentation states that the earphones take 2 hours to fully charge. I had the ability to charge them in one hour and 45 minutes. Okay.

Calling features and call quality

According to the Quick Start Guide, the headphones have the following calling functions:

  • Answer/end a call– utilize a short press of the Multifunction button on the face of the right earphone’s control board to address the call; repeat to end the call. In addition, you can use a one-second press of the Multifunction button to put the present call on hold and answer an inbound call.
  • Change in between calls– use a one-second press of the Multifunction button to change between callers
  • Decline a call– utilize a double press of the Multifunction button to reject a call
  • Mute/unmute– utilize a brief press of the Voice button on the face of the left earphone’s control board to switch on mute while you are on a call; repeat to turn off mute
  • Call volume controls– utilize a short press of the Volume Up and Down buttons on the bottom of the best side control board to increase or decrease the volume while you are on a call

All of the above calling features worked well, however, there doesn’t seem to be a redial function.

During my tests, both the caller and I discovered that the call audio quality was extremely nice on both ends.

Audio quality

The audio quality of the Jabra Elite Active 45 e earphones was good prior to changing the equalizer settings in the Noise app. I enjoyed the sound much better after adjusting the equalizer settings. Nevertheless, when listening to bass heavy music like “High-stakes gambler” by Crystal Method and “Salute” by Little Mix, I found that I was losing out on the deeper bass frequencies of the songs due to the fact that the headphones do not seal in my ears. The headphones are better fit for traditional rock music like Bob Seger’s “The Famous Final Scene”.

When contrasting the Jabra headphones to my Jaybird X3 earphones, my music sounded MUCH much better when utilizing the X3 headphones, which are comparable in rate. In addition, the X3s seal in my ears, are A LOT MORE comfortable, and capture the deep bass of my preferred music.

What I like

  • You can change the equalizer settings for the Jabra Elite Active 45 e headphones in the Jabra Sound app
  • Bluetooth 5.0 headphones like these have terrific connectivity– they preserve connection for 57 feet and go through four walls without drops
  • Playing time is about 9.5 hours on a moderate volume level
  • Charging time fast (1.75 hours to fully charge)
  • The call quality is great and the earphones have a mute/unmute calling feature which some earphones don’t have
  • The Sound app has a setting that permits you to play background sound to help you focus while you work (waterfall, rain, pink sound sounds, etc.)

What requires to be enhanced

  • Fit, fit, FIT– they were too loose in my ears no matter how I adjusted them, they were awfully unpleasant and holy cow, they actually harm my ears after about an hour of using them
  • Sound quality– this would be greatly improved if the earbuds sealed in the user’s ear canals
  • The Noise app should permit you to save your customized equalizer settings

Final thoughts

Honestly, I couldn’t stand using the Jabra Elite Active 45 e earphones. They fit me poorly, fell out when working out, lacked the bass frequencies of my preferred bass heavy music, and REALLY harmed my ears after using them for about an hour or less (note to self: do not purchase open-designed earphones or those with ear hooks). However they preserve connection to my Pixel 2 XL throughout many of my home since of Bluetooth 5.0, have an adjustable equalizer in the Jabra Noise app, play for 9.5 hours, charge in 1.75 hours, and have basic calling features plus a mute/unmute function.

I don’t suggest these based upon the fit, however if you like ear hooks on your in-ear earphones and like the open style, you may enjoy them.

Price: $9999

Where to purchase: Jabra or Amazon

Source: The sample of this item was supplied by Jabra

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