The PS5 looks to be loading an SSD and will support ray tracing



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Sony’s next-generation console, likely to be called the PlayStation 5, is far from enhancing shop shelves, but the business has actually exposed a few of its specifications to offer fans a taste of simply how effective it will be. While we do not understand the specific specifications of what Microsoft is formulating with the next Xbox consoles, the PS5 definitely puts the Xbox One X to shame, as it should.

How does it compare to the PS4 Pro?

It should go without saying, however the PS5 is dramatically more effective than any model in the PS4 family, consisting of the PS4 Pro.

What GPU and CPU will it have?

As mentioned above, it will include a custom-made GPU based on the Radeon Navi and a CPU based on AMD’s third generation Ryzen line, with 8-cores of the new 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture. According to Mark Cerny, the GPU will likewise support ray tracing, which is a visual technique that designs how light engages with 3D environments. Normally only huge budget Hollywood motion pictures have the technology and loan to use such innovation, and it’s not discovered in any existing video game console.

What resolution and frame rates will it support?

Sony looks to be future-proofing the PS5 as it will have the ability to support approximately 8K resolution. While the majority of televisions on the market do not support such resolutions and 4K is still being commonly embraced, this ought to increase the upcoming console’s longevity as 8K begins to appear more regularly, even if it takes numerous years to do so.

As for frame rates we do not yet know what it will support, but it’s safe to assume that 60 FPS will be the minimum requirement.

What kind of storage will it have?

Here’s where it gets interesting. Rather of coming with an internal HDD, the PS5 will sport an internal SSD. Though players can currently attach an SSD to their PS4, it’s something that they need to buy independently and install themselves. What’s the difference between an HDD and SSD, though?

SSDs and HDDs are hardware components that handle storage. The biggest difference between them is that an SSD has no moving parts and information is stored on flash-memory chips. HDDs use moving mechanical parts to read/write info, therefore making the process slower than that of an SSD. This is why video games like Anthem run better while using an SSD.

What about everything else?

That’s all that Sony has actually formally revealed so far. Much of its specs are still in the dark, so we’ll require to wait up until further information is provided. Until then, have enjoyable hypothesizing.

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